Commercial Security Solutions

From digital entry systems, exit control buttons, exit delay systems, key switches, control panels, motion detectors, to touch sense exit devices and unlatch electric strikes we have a broad selection of products to service the needs of Facility Managers.

For Facility Managers, we carry specific hardware for perimeter and exterior security, door and lock hardware, exit devices, Lockout Tagout options, padlocks, cabinet hardware, safes, protected key control options, and much more. You can count on A-Line for integrated security system solutions  to enhance your day-to-day operations and overall security.

We offer reliable, effective security solutions tailored to meet individual site and organizational requirements. We are authorized distributors for lock security devices, access control, location based security, intrusion security and protection systems manufactured by the best brand names in the industry. Our experience and wide product selection make A-Line the first choice for securing institutional, commercial or industrial facilities. We also have a large selection of retrofit products to accommodate your needs. 

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