Safety Lockout/Tagout Products

Click to download the MasterLock Safety catalogue in PDF.

Click to download the MasterLock Safety catalogue in PDF.

Each year, thousands of work accidents occur while industrial equipment is repaired or serviced. The unexpected startup or release of stored energy can cause accidental injuries or even death. Most of these tragedies are due to energy sources that have not been isolated. This can be prevented through a complete Lockout Tagout procedure. Lockout Tagout is the process of addressing and controlling hazardous energy sources which are potentially harmful to employees. It involves the placement of a lockout padlock, devices and tag on an energy-isolating device, ensuring that the equipment being controlled cannot be operated until the lockout device is removed. We offer an extensive line of Safety Lockout/Tagout products designed to help you successfully develop and implement the best possible lockout/tagout systems.  This includes:

  • Safety Padlocks

  • Electrical Lockout Devices

  • Valve Lockout Devices

  • Lockout hasps

  • Safety Tags

  • Lockout Stations


Field iD is a completely automated solution that takes the guesswork out of safety compliance inspections and reporting. Field iD uses a combination of advanced identification (barcodes, RFID), mobile devices and the Web. Field iD is the world's most advanced, easy-to-use inspection software solution.
The first step in an inspection or audit is identification, Field iD, uses serial numbers, barcodes and or RFID tags to automate identification. Imagine scanning a piece of equipment, such as a harness or a fire extinguisher or an opening, and instantly identifying it and knowing when it was inspected last and if it passed certification. That’s what Field iD brings to you.  


  1. No chance for human error

  2. Real time usage reporting

  3. Easy asset management

  4. Identify and distinguish products on the job site

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