High Security Cylinder Systems

A-Line is an authorized distributor of ABLOY® high security, patent-protected key systems. From ANSI standard cylinders to rotating disc cylinder keying systems, we offer a range of cylinders, deadbolts, industrial locks, cabinet locks, cam locks and padlocks. With exceptional master-keying capabilities and excellent service and support, ABLOY® is the ideal choice for hospitals, universities and large industrial and government complexes. 

ABLOY® PROTEC Cylinders 

We carry standard mortise and mortise/rim cylinders and knob type cylinders that are compatible with all standard mortise and rim locks and key-in-knob locks. 

ABLOY® Protect2 CLIQ

ABLOY® PROTEC2 is the latest milestone in the development of the unique ABLOY rotating disc cylinder keying systems.

ABLOY® Tubular Deadbolts

Locking solutions for apartments, offices and storerooms.  Abloy offers over 90 years of world-leading development of the rotating disc cylinder. Exceptionally well made from high density steel, these come in a variety of finishes. 

ABLOY® Protec Keys

Made with a dedicated key-cutting machine where duplication of keys is always strictly controlled. The ABLOY PROTEC cylinder mechanism, keys and key blanks are protected by patents worldwide until 2019.

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ABLOY® Protect2 CLIQ

ABLOY® Tubular Deadbolts